List your Development in Hua Hin, by Hua Hin Developments Direct offers an ideal advertising environment for developers, seeking to create direct, no commission sales, to a highly-targeted audience.

Magazine advertising can create direct sales. But this is to a very limited audience. As well as in our opinion not a cost effective mode of advertising in today’s digital world.

We Specialize in more modern means of advertising. Such as social media platforms and search placements which offer the ideal environment to maximize your development’s exposure worldwide.

The cost to do this for one development alone can be prohibitive. Instead by advertising on Hua Hin Developments Direct. It becomes a very cost effective way to generate direct, no commission sales.

This site generates viewings fairly. Based on the quality, desirability and location of your development. Equally promoting all developments to buyers. On a level playing field.


Please note that there is a quarterly charge to list on Hua Hin Developments Direct, contact us for further information.

Advantages of listing your development with Hua Hin Developments Direct

  • No commission¬†is payable to us for any direct sale on your development’
  • Your Development will be promoted on 2 websites, Hua Hin Developments Direct / Hua Hin Property Direct with any direct sales to buyers being commission free.
  • Just one sale a year generated through Hua Hin Developments Direct or Hua Hin Property Direct, would more than cover your cost of the listing with the savings made.
  • Buyers can contact you directly to arrange a viewing.
  • Have your own personal page to promote your development
  • change or update the information regarding your development at any time.
  • Personalize your page by using your own images and description of your development.
  • We use a high percentage of the advertising income raised on advertising and promoting Hua Hin Developments Direct. So the more developers who list with us the more income we have to generate direct buyers to your development.
  • We are constantly looking at ways to promote this website. Analyzing many different platforms and social media channels, to attract direct buyers for developers.
  • Allowing to generate direct viewings over the more traditional forms of advertising.

If a sale is generated directly though either Hua Hin Developments Direct or Hua Hin Property Direct then there is no sales commission to pay. If the services of either Hua Hin Developments Direct or Hua Hin Property Direct are requested by the buyer for us to arrange the viewing, transportation and accompany them to the viewing, then a commission of 3% would be payable.