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Apartments start at 4M Thai Baht. Villas start at 16.8M Thai Baht.

Sansara will offer a buy back guarantee on all purchases.

Exclusive luxury apartments and golf course pool villas on World Famous 27 hole Golf Course, Black Mountain.

Sansara’s apartments and villas (both 2 and 3 bedroom options) are the perfect blend of luxury and quality in a world class location. Also their approach to design is focused on residents’ requirements and they use their vast experience to provide very high quality coupled with great attention to detail.

The facilities at Sansara are as pleasing to the eye as they are beneficial to your personal health. The developers have made sure they are designed to be shared and enjoyed by all the residents and their guests. The huge pool offers areas for both fitness and relaxation with a gym that features the latest equipment to help you maintain a healthy, active body. They have also included covered walkways, yoga and Tai Chi zones as well as relaxing massage salas dotted around the grounds.

At Sansara they have designed their apartments and villas to include cutting edge technology. Features include: Voice-activated Smart Assistant (Alexa), ultra-high speed Internet, WiFi Access throughout Sansara, smartphone integration to all devices: lighting, air conditioning, sliding doors etc, Sonos wireless audio connectivity technology, automated and motion-controlled lighting, Digital video doorbell with remote lock access and Integrated App to book maintenance and access Sansara service (some of these features are optional extras).

“Sansara is the place to escape the hustle of an urban lifestyle, to experience the healthy air of Hua Hin and to let your mind expand as far as the eye can see.”

“Our residents are the essential ingredient at Sansara. Our focus is on building strong communities of like-minded people that will be an inspiration to everyone.”


Our residents are the essential ingredient at Sansara. Our focus is on building strong communities of like-minded people that will be an inspiration to everyone.

Being at the doorstep of a world class PGA golf course doesn’t hurt either!


Whether you yearn to speak a second language, create a masterpiece, or just improve your backhand, Sansara’s on-the-ground operations team is dedicated to finding and introducing unusual and fun learning opportunities.


Thailand is famed for its incredible service.

Sansara is taking this further by ensuring your every need is met in a luxury hotel style environment. We have a consistent team of highly trained and capable staff that you can know and trust to give you complete holistic service.


We take inspiration from the outside when designing our inside. The organic touches and open plan spaces mean you can feel rested and relaxed at any time of the day. Our design is influenced by modernist principles in a clutter free environment allowing you to live a more fulfilled life in our luxury apartments and golf course villas.

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Sansara Development Ltd., 905/7 Rama 3 Soi 51,
Rama 3 Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Phone: +66 63 268 0088




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